Djinn Djinni

About us

Simon van Weelden infinite guitar and drums Pi-Qui Baltink guitar and singing Erna Berendsen guest performance. We like to improvise and create from scratch. We played on festivals in the past and hope to do the same again.


24-11-2015 Djinn Djinni releases its first EP "The Resonance" on bandcamp.
25-7-15 Djinn Djinni Open Air concert Noorderplantsoen Groningen Netherlands
12-05-15 Preliminary website up and running.



“Simon van Weelden and Pi-Qui Baltink are Djinn Djinni. Both like to explore the possibilities and borders of music. Some people reviewed the music as magnetic, mysterious, strange, hypnotic, tranquilizing, weird, alien. While others cannot stand it. For example this reviewer wrote "Sounds like a European club songs band." Another one writes "The opening guitar solo is very inspiring and beautifully crafted. Being a guitarist myself I appreciate a good session of solo guitar" Simon and Pi-Qui want to make real music, not the muzak the current music industry puts on the radio or tv. No Kate Perry, Adele, Gaga or Whinehouse cloning for us. Back to what music really is, the meeting of creative minds, and, as an exponent of these minds new music.” DJINN DJINNI reviewed. Address: Barmaheerd 50 9737MH Groningen Netherlands Phone: +31-6-18425249 Roos Rozendal E-mail:



Pi-Qui There are so many dreams I have for the near future. One of these dreams I cherish in mij heart is a growcommunity, an Ecocoon, for the developing mind. A community where people can live together in harmony with Nature, and can grow spiritually as needed for that specific person. The use of natural materials, together with the best what science has developed in renewables, solar, wind, or other new forms of energy. There are already many initiatives around the world, like ecovillages, alternative ways of living, treehouses, hobbithouses. Too many to mention them alll. I hope to create a society with others, artists, scientists, poets, writer, plummers, bakers, healers, shamans, students, people with independent minds, who want to research a society where new ways to live in this harmony withgreed, profit, business are Old World